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In loving memory of Tori McCarthy

A passionate, devoted, and powerful national-level powerlifting competitor, coach, trainer, friend, and cheerleader for everyone at Sport of Iron. 

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Tori McCarthy

Tori is the heart of Sport.

Here's what our members/staff have to say about her.

Tori McCarthy was and forever will be a bright and shining light to everyone she has touched. Her personality was one of the most infectious things I have ever encountered. Her smile and laugh could turn your day completely around. She thrived so beautifully in her life. She wanted so much love and happiness for everyone she was around. She would take you under her wing and have your back every step of the way. She was always ready to support you through your endeavors and help you grow. There wasn’t a day that went by, even in her darkest days, that she wasn’t reaching out and making sure that everyone around her was also okay. Her positivity is just a small part of her. She was greatness. Mixed with so many different things. She had passion, love, care, drive, beauty, and so much light. My little Torisaur will forever be my spotter and biggest supporter throughout everything I do. To all that never got the chance to meet this beautiful woman, I hope this brings a smile to your face reading about her, because that’s one thing she would’ve liked to seen, your smile. I love you. So much. Always and forever Tor my best friend and champion in my life. 

300 170 308 @ 57kg a little beast!

-Brooke H. 

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